Mindfulness for Beginners

    Mindfulness for Beginners

    Mindfulness Series (Part 1): What is mindfulness?

    When I first thought of mindfulness, I thought of hour-long sessions of seated meditation. I realized how wrong my misconception was after taking the time to give this form of cognitive therapy a shot. Mindfulness began long ago as a Buddhist tradition. It’s now recognized by psychotherapists as a prescription for things like anxiety, depression, and memory loss. What makes mindfulness unique from other forms of meditation is that the primary focus is on one’s current physical state.

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  • Uncle Val Featured

    Rest in Paradise Uncle Val

    Many people have different ways of grieving. My way of doing anything: grieving, coping, celebrating, sharing, spreading news, and making it through life’s trials and tribulations has always been done through blogging.

    / 16 August 2015
  • back-to-school-mindset

    The Back-to-School Mindset

    Summer is quickly coming to a close! Say goodbye to wearing swimsuits 24/7, binge-watching movies and shows, cruising around late…

    / 14 August 2015
  • Hollywood Carpool Buddies

    Bee and Jenelle followed me on my journey to Hollywood for an in-person interview. I’m glad they came because parking and navigating was hard to figure out. After my interview, we ended up eating at Chin Chin.

    / 11 August 2015
  • Phone Interviews

    Getting pass the application step and waiting for the interview (or phone interview) is the most unnerving part of job hunting. I am glad to say I had THREE phone interviews today.

    / 10 August 2015
  • Pho Fake Friends & Roaches

    I’m feeling ill! The best remedy for sickness is PHO. After eating and hanging out with Mark, we ended up hanging out with my sister and her friends: Britney, RJ, and Julie.

    / 9 August 2015
  • Playing With Toys At Target

    Good morning wake up routine, picking up mom’s car from the tint shop, eating Hawaiian food in Irvine, playing with toys at Target, eating pho for dinner, and watching Jenelle’s favorite movies with her before bed.

    / 7 August 2015
  • Summer Concerts in the Park

    Concerts in the Park. Miss Princess of Garden Grove. Miss Garden Grove 2015. Mom is looking for a place to tint her car windows. I took Bridget to her doctor’s appointment.

    / 6 August 2015