How To (Easily) Install Google Analytics on WordPress


    Google Analytics is this amazing thing that collects data from all the visitors who stop by and come through your website. It is free and it is the one tool all bloggers should use to it’s full capacity. Why do bloggers need to know about their visitors? First, knowing who is watching and what your audience likes (or dislikes) is a great way to start tailoring your website. Knowing your audience/visitors is also a great way for you to know what kinds of articles your audience is more or less interested in and what aspects of your website is making people sip a cup of coffee and stay longer to read your blog. Aside from having a deeper understanding of your visitors and virtually connecting with them more, visitor data also helps bloggers eventually use their stats to gain sponsorships, partners, and (sometimes) income for their blog.

    If you’re a new blogger or breaking the ice into web developing, this blog post is for you. It’s the easiest way to install Google Analytics on WordPress.

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  • WTF IS RHETORIC? | RaleighWrites

    WTF is Rhetoric?

    If rhetoric were a person, I would say that she is clearly misunderstood. Too many people associate rhetoric with politics, but politics is NOT rhetoric as a whole. Read more to find out what rhetoric really is. You might be surprised.

    / July 24, 2016
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    A New Year’s Resolution Check-Up

    It’s usually at this time of the year when people (including myself) completely forgets about all the motivated new years resolutions we made in January. So, it’s time for a resolution check-up! Have you been keeping your own promises to yourself?

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  • Boyfriend Does My Makeup

    I finally convinced Mark to do this challenge with me! It took several years, but we made it fam 💕

    / July 6, 2016
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    Lynn Canyon Park Suspension Bridge + Riverside Chillin’

    Still hanging out here in Vancouver! My family and I went to Lynn Canyon Park to see the famed suspension bridge. I love that it only takes a 15 to 30 minute drive out of downtown to get to this much greenery. If you’re ever in the area and looking for a free activity in Vancouver, I highly recommend going to Lynn Canyon Park. There are many trails with different levels of difficulty, we took the suspension bridge trail.

    / July 2, 2016
  • What to do in Canada on Canada Day | RaleighWrites

    Celebrating Canada Day in Canada

    I still can’t believe I was in Canada on Canada Day! 🇨🇦 Our first stop was in Stanley Park. I was determined to see the totem poles and the Brockton Point Lighthouse because I’ve seen pictures of them all over Pinterest. After watching a canon-shooting ceremony at the park, we went to Canada Place where there were loads of people sporting red and white gear. Because of the places we visited and the plaques I read, I learned more about Canada’s history. I highly recommend going to Canada — not just on Canada Day — but anytime to visit a mix of nature-like and city-like landmarks.

    / July 1, 2016
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    How I Gained Weight, but Look Slimmer

    Currently giving myself a virtual pat on the back for how far I’ve come in just one month. Today’s #WorkoutWednesday is focused on my personal fitness and workout journey again! It turns out that you enjoy my personal stories, so read more to find out how I gained weight, but look slimmer.

    / June 22, 2016

    How To Build A Following + Social Media Deadline

    I am two days late, but here it is… it is time! I have officially met my social media deadline. Three months passed and I have finally reached my goal-deadline to increase my numbers across social media platforms.

    / June 17, 2016